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Our facility houses a kennel area that has 9 heavy duty kennels designed to keep all dogs housed here safe.  Each kennel has a heavy duty latch the dogs are not able to get to or get undone.  Each kennel is separate and are separated by a stainless steel separation panel as shown in the pictures below.  All the kennels were custom built and hand welded to ensure dogs housed in any of the kennels could not hurt themselves on anything or get out by any means.  We have even installed heavy duty tops that are bolted down to keep the high jumpers from getting out.  


Each end of the kennel area has a camera so we can monitor the dogs through live video at all times if needed.  This allows us to check on them no matter where we are and no matter what time it is.  We also have a WiFi thermostat in the kennel area that is linked to our phones so we can monitor the temperature and humidity of the room at all times.  We can adjust the temperature if needed to make the kennel area a more comfortable environment for dogs if needed from anywhere at any time.  Our kennels are also cleaned and washed daily along with food and watering pans. 


Our outdoor area offers a large grass area that is fenced in.  All of our dogs are taken out multiple times a day to for bathroom breaks and playtime.  Playtime is no additional fee when boarding your pets at our facility like many other facilities.  None of the dogs are ever left unattended outside.  We are always outside with the dogs to assure they are safe.


Our building as over 2000 square feet of open area on the inside for classroom and training area.  So even if the weather is not cooperating, we can still train inside with plenty of area to train.


Feel free to stop by and visit our facility any time!




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